Analisa Daya Saing Untuk Memahami Potensi Dari Dusun Wangun Sebagai Desa Wisata

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Dian Kurnianingrum
Mulyani Mulyani
Chyntia Ika Ratnapuri


In recent years, arise many tourism villages in Indonesia. Government through the Ministry of Village, Development of Underdevel-oped Regions, and Transmigration and the Ministry of Tourism, continue to support the development of tourism villages in Indone-sia. It proved that tourism village programmed able to increase it resident welfare.Wangun Village in Gunung Puntang Bandung West Java is well known as a coffee-producing village. Puntang Coffee produced by Wangun Village are quite famous, it even won a first place in SCAA Atlanta United States. In fact, the village is also de-signed as a tourism village. However, it role as a tourism village rarely been heard. Whereas, that village has lot tourism potential that can be highlighted and devel-oped. Based on the description above, the researcher want to find out what problems might hamper the development of Wangun Village as a tourism village. Researchers also want to gather informations to understand the advantages and disadvantages possessed by the Wangun Village as a tourism village. To assist the analysis, re-searchers used Porter Five Forces Analysis to answer research questions. Hope-fully, in the future, the results of this research can be used to determine the most appropriate strategy or solution to develop tourism in Wangun Village.

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